DivineTechs are the owners & operators of DivineTechs Store (herein “DivineTechs Store”)

We give high importance to your privacy as part of your visit to DivineTechs Store. Considering that we collect certain type of data with respect to our visitors, we understand that it is vital for them to know what the nature of the information we collect and how that could be possibly be put to use.

This privacy statement is only applicable to the information that is collected when our apps are downloaded.

A certain amount of personal information is received from our patrons, and the intent of publishing this privacy & security policy is to notify our visitors about the practices that DivineTechs Store follows with reference to usage, collection & disclosure of the data.

It is assumed that by using the DivineTechs Store, you agree to the practices that this privacy statement lists.


The DivineTechs Store is indeed committed to abiding by regulations that govern the usage of your personal data, and respecting the privacy rights of visitors that hit the website.

With respect to visitor personal data, the organization is also committed to fully comply with global regulations related to data privacy.

An important aspect of our policy is our firm belief that visitors should be well aware as to how their data is collected and how it can be possibly used.

The literal definition of “Personal Data” indicates information that is personally recognizable and can be used to identify a person directly or indirectly. The data could be anything – identification number, name, payment details, email or location address, or even data points pertaining to economic, genetic, physical, cultural, physiological or social identity of website visitors.

When visitors to the website have personal information to share, below is the policy DivineTechs Store enforces as an approach to maintain user privacy.